About us

Pharmaspray is an independent part of the Mobacc Group . For more than 35 years now, the Mobacc Group has been one of the top companies in the European Aerosol industry in the field of developing and filling aerosol products > your contract manufacturer. Pharmaspray has been active in the sector since 2002 and is a well experienced contract manufacturer who knows the importance of being an equal partner in product development, production and packaging of medical devices, OTC products, high end cosmetics and veterinary medicines .

Millions of privately labelled aerosol products – contract manufacturing

Every year Pharmaspray produces millions of aerosol products in our fully equipped, hi-tech plants in Veendam and Zaandam. These facilities meet with the most stringent demands regarding product quality and production safety. Our clients distribute these products worldwide under their own name (private label).

Our added value

Innovative solutions at seriously competitive prices.
Intensive, long term collaboration with clients.
Cost efficient production.
Highly qualified and experienced R&D department.
State-of-the-art production facilities.
Maximum fine-tuning of the delivery with the client’s wishes.
Facilitate in validations for product testing and release.
Facilitate in stability testing conform pre established standards such as ICH guidelines.

This is what sets us apart in the market and how we attract new clients.

Pharmaspray's mission and vision

Our mission

Pharmaspray’s mission is to develop and produce ready and safe to use, high quality, economically feasible, and sustainable self care , medical devices and OTC aerosol products. Innovation, is the driving force behind our company, this is realised by working closely together with our clients and suppliers, as well as various knowledge centres such as the university of Groningen.

Our vision

Pharmaspray strives for successful, safe and sustainable production. We also work towards solutions for issues surrounding safety, health and sustainability. We do this by working together with our clients, introducing intelligent innovations to the market and providing additional value for our products and for our clients.

Our ambition

Powered by our drive, creativity and reliability, our ambition is to inspire our clients as well as becoming the aerosol medical device, self care OTC specialist in Europe. Our goal is to provide our customers with support in development, creating a final product, that is produced in our state of the art facility, ready and safe to use, suitable for the expected purpose and commercial competitive for the market. A product that our customers can be proud of to bear your label.