Innovation and Development

Our experienced and well equipped Research & Development Team is academically talented. Due to more than 35 years of experience in aerosol filling, we are able to develop new products, which are state of the art, safe in use and infunctional. We are the excellent contracting partner in design and development of new products. We have experience in developing and producing aerosols in several classifications for medical devices or other regulations such as:

  • Medical Devices, Class I, Class IIA/B and Class III.
  • GMP for veterinary medicines (GMP licensed)
  • Cosmetics
The research and development team has a broad knowledge of various techniques in our fields of operation. Product development is done according to a fixed schedule of procedures, translating the product demands and functional requirements, into a functional, ready to use, and safe product.


During the development, and at different levels in this process, the product is judged on functionality and compatibility with the packaging. Product safety and stability is tested in accordance with ICH guidelines and risk assessments are performed in accordance with EN ISO14971.

Pharmaspray develops in accordance with the current guidelines for medical devices (ISO13485), cosmetics and food safety guidelines, in combination with the aerosol regulations. We also develop and produce aerosols for Veterinary use. These products are produced according to the latest GMP standards. Pharmaspray is GMP certified for the Veterinary Market.

We advise in labeling requirements which are in line with CLP labeling, scope, use and safety. During this process, the safety of the end user is Pharmspray’s top priority. Through an extensive validation program we finally authorize the release of the product for the market. As a result, we are able to reproduce, and deliver as agreed. A good supply chain is not enough, performance, quality and manageability are equally important. This is also supported by a motivated management, we are able to switch quickly if needed. This makes us a strong, flexible and professional partner.

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