Quality and Safety

Quality and safety within our factory is our main priority. This is clearly defined by our management. The drive to be the best, is translated into the layout of our production quality manual and quality policy. Our aim is to be in compliance with the applicable quality standards and legislation on the highest level possible.

Pharmaspray is in possession of several certification levels which are complementary to each other. The daily operation is performed according to EN ISO standards which ensure a full traceability, high safety and quality of the products. Our quality manuals ensure a high standard of operation, the production areas are subject to a planned maintenance and cleaning program. Incoming goods, raw material inspection, Line clearance and product separation ensures a minimum risk in defects and that mix up can’t occur

Our quality department is responsible for checking each stage of production before the product is released. The quality inspections occur according to a fixed quality inspection plan.

Introducing a product into the market is done after the product is developed and approved after a long period of stability testing and validation according to the above guidelines. Pharmaspray is audited several times a year by notified bodies, customers and government to ensure compliance with the above guidelines.